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Why Twitter is becoming Trending day by day

Now and then we tend to come across a term “Tweeting” on the internet, although its reach is not limited to just that. We see and read about it in the newspapers, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, etc. but have you ever wondered what it is? Well, the act of “Tweeting” is associated with the internet social media application and platform “Twitter,” which has slowly developed to be one of the most visited social platforms ever. Despite the rather direct and natural approach of what the platform has to offer, Twitter has a lot of things that standard or even scarcely users don’t know. Here’s everything you need to know about the wildly incremental platform Twitter.

What is Twitter?

It consists of Twitter messages, otherwise called “Tweets” which are made up of 280 characters. The limited words often tend to be the reason why people are attracted to this platform as it is more or less an achievement to finish your opinions, views, or questions regarding the current happenings of the world in about 280 words. It was primarily created with the purpose of helping people spread short messages amongst a group of hundreds and thousands who are your “followers.”

While it allows a single user to spread a message to his followers rapidly, it does not stop the outside people (the ones not in your following list, and neither your follower's list) from viewing what you have to say or share. However, sending a single private message to a particular follower or to a person you’re following is allowed via the “Messages” section in the platform UI (on both PC and Smartphones). The platform as a social media application is free for anyone to join.

All you have to do is go on to their website, or download their mobile application available on iOS, Windows, and Android, and tap on “Sign up.” Once you’re done with the entire process, you will be able to login and use the service like any other user. You can upload your profile photograph and some necessary information about you for the ease of identification by your friends. The next step is to follow your friends, family, colleagues, and, any other company, firm, organization, individual, or celebrity you want to support, it's up to you to decide.

Why choose Twitter?

The simple reason is - convenience. Twitter makes it incredibly convenient for you and your friends to keep in touch while also making new friends and staying updated on what each one of them is doing. For business owners and famous companies, Twitter is an excellent way of communicating information about releases, events, pop-ups, and just staying in touch with your clients, holders, directors, etc. while also being a suitable website and application to release important product information. For celebrities, it is a great platform to keep their fans and well-wishers updated on what their latest actions and activities are while also maintaining a check on how they portray the issues they support.

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