The Advantages and Disadvantages of Printed Circuit Boards

PCB is an acronym for Printed Circuit Board. In most electronic equipments, PCB is an important component....

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Cloud Technology: Its Benefits And Disadvantages

Cloud computing is basically computing based on the internet.

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JR Smith Reveals His Favorite and Most Memorable Shoes

Basketball is a well-known sport around the world and it is played in almost every region around the globe. Multiple players exist that are mad and passionate about this game of putting the ball into the basket. The game is not as easy as it looks. You need a special basketball uniform to enjoy comfort while playing and secondly the most important asset that you require is basketball shoes. They play the role of the wheel in the car. You need speed in your style and fast feet reflex. It's untimely when you have to stop, flip or accelerate and decelerate. No doubt the requirement of human power is a must but you also need your shoes to be supportive of the best game. Basketball experts have admitted that many times the shoes become an obstruction in the fin of the game. If you are a basketball lover and want to buy sports shoes for basketball, refer to the below-listed feature to know about it:

Earl Joseph "J. R." Smith III is an American professional basketball player who last played for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association. He played high school basketball at New Jersey basketball powerhouse Saint Benedict's Preparatory School in Newark. He was born on 9 September 1985, Freehold, New Jersey, United States. JR Smith a BasketBall Player listed his all time favourite & Best basketball shoes of 2019 Smith is looking to make a few more memorable moments this upcoming season with the Cavaliers. Without LeBron James, there is an opportunity for others on the team to step up and take more responsibility on offense.


This key characteristic feature does not require mentioning. In this game of 12, the hustle is extraneous; you won’t want the shoes to break either in the middle of the game or after 4 to 5 games.


People need to run in the game with the ball in your hand being continuously tapped on the ground. You need to jump to score and flip to catch the ball. You go for lateral movements and more strategic running and walking. All of these require your shoes to be flexible enough to turn and twist conveniently.

Proper design and material

Basketball shoes need proper designing other than sports shoes. The shoes have to be lightly weighted so that the efficiency of the player increases. The sole must be cushions and soft so that it does not pricks to jump. It must proffer stability and balance at the same time.

Why Twitter is becoming Trending day by day

Now and then we tend to come across a term “Tweeting” on the internet, although its reach is not limited to just that. We see and read about it in the newspapers, magazines, newsletters, pamphlets, etc. but have you ever wondered what it is? Well, the act of “Tweeting” is associated with the internet social media application and platform “Twitter,” which has slowly developed to be one of the most visited social platforms ever. Despite the rather direct and natural approach of what the platform has to offer, Twitter has a lot of things that standard or even scarcely users don’t know. Here’s everything you need to know about the wildly incremental platform Twitter.

What is Twitter?

It consists of Twitter messages, otherwise called “Tweets” which are made up of 280 characters. The limited words often tend to be the reason why people are attracted to this platform as it is more or less an achievement to finish your opinions, views, or questions regarding the current happenings of the world in about 280 words. It was primarily created with the purpose of helping people spread short messages amongst a group of hundreds and thousands who are your “followers.”

While it allows a single user to spread a message to his followers rapidly, it does not stop the outside people (the ones not in your following list, and neither your follower's list) from viewing what you have to say or share. However, sending a single private message to a particular follower or to a person you’re following is allowed via the “Messages” section in the platform UI (on both PC and Smartphones). The platform as a social media application is free for anyone to join.

All you have to do is go on to their website, or download their mobile application available on iOS, Windows, and Android, and tap on “Sign up.” Once you’re done with the entire process, you will be able to login and use the service like any other user. You can upload your profile photograph and some necessary information about you for the ease of identification by your friends. The next step is to follow your friends, family, colleagues, and, any other company, firm, organization, individual, or celebrity you want to support, it's up to you to decide.

How to Find The IP Address Of Your Router and Admin Password

There are lots of elements that help determine the operation of a WiFi router, which ranges from changing the transmit electricity to switch the transmission station. All of these together can considerably enhance the operation of the wireless system. Within the following guide, we'll observe how to configure your router carrying for illustration a D-Link DIR-505 version. On the other hand, the parameters should be altered are normal for any version or create a router.

To begin with we see several fundamental concepts to comprehend the character of the best operation of a commercially accessible wifi Router Login IP Address to get your home. As a very first measure, get into your router scanning in your favorite browser.

Transmit Power Here is the power that the modem uses to carry some sign; generally any router works at 100 percent power. Nonetheless, in some instances, we must isolate certain frequencies into an area. We could take action by lessening the ability of this radio; we could stop interferences transmissions impacting past corporate/home workplace or specified wireless place.

WMM Empower Wireless Multimedia Extensions (WME), also referred to as Wi-Fi Multimedia (WMM), supplies fundamental Quality of service (QoS) attributes to IEEE 802.11 systems. WMM prioritizes traffic based on four Access Groups (AC) -- voice, video, best effort, and desktop. Allowing WMM will help restrain latency and jitter when transmitting multimedia information on a wireless link.

Short GI In telecommunications, shield spans (GI) can be utilized to make sure different transmissions not to interfere with one another. The manner and the guard period is a technology choice based upon the topography and execution characteristics.

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Printed Circuit Boards

PCB is an acronym for Printed Circuit Board. In most electronic equipments, PCB is an important component. Printed Circuit Board is made of glass fabricated plastic and consists of several components which are linked together by traces on the circuit board.

In order create a stronger hold for the components the circuit board is soldered.

Since no system has Pros without its Cons, listed below are the major advantages and disadvantages of using Printed Circuit Board.

Pros Of Printed Circuit Boards


All the components on the PCB are fixed. They are attached firmly to the board by solder flux. Irrespective of the board’s movements, the components are immobile.

There is no complex wiring connected to the printed circuit board and this makes it a simple electronic part to use. This makes the board easy to repair and maintain since the components can be identified easily.


Electronic noise can significantly reduce the performance of the system. A good PCB minimizes the occurrence of electronic noise.

The organization of the components on the PCB is in such a way that the path lengths of the electric current between the components are reduced, resulting in low amount of radiation and detecting of electromagnetic waves with ease.

This result in lower components between the various components and between various traces as this is an important issue in electronic circuits.


A standard Printed Circuit Board has many electronic components which are mostly small in size. To link these components together with wires is nearly impossible without a PCB. It provides a way to conveniently arrange the components in an efficient manner. The compactness allows for a large amount of minute components to be added to maximize space.


It is easy to perform diagnosis on PCBs for some reasons. The paths and components on PCBs are labeled clearly on the circuit board and this makes it easier to install and also repair components.

Most times, one needs to trace the signal paths across the board to diagnose the PCB, a task which will be really hard to do if the traces were not organized properly.


It is pretty easy to produce many PCBs from one design since all you need to do is to duplicate the design and engrave it in a copper board.

It makes it cheaper to produce PCBs in large quantity compared to manually created boards.

You can reproduce the board anytime as long as you have the schematics for an existing one.


Cons Of Printed Circuit Boards

Although using Printed Circuit Boards undoubtedly has many advantages, it also comes with certain disadvantages also.

The major disadvantages of Printed Circuit Boards are stated below.


It is nearly impossible to repair already damaged PCBs. Unlike ordinary bread boards which you can fix the damaged parts by simply removing the components, the only cure to a damaged PCB is to replace the whole circuit board with another.


Etching of Printed Circuit Board is harmful to the environment. Chemicals are used to etch on PCBs. These chemicals produce some harmful effects to the environment. Thus, when considering eco-friendliness, PCB is not the best choice to use.


Once a Printed Circuit Board is created, you cannot update it. You cannot add another component the board to even test a certain circuitry; you have to re-print the whole board again.

Cloud Technology: Its Benefits And Disadvantages

Cloud computing is basically computing based on the internet. It allows people to access softwares and applications on the internet without downloading it on a physical server or computer.

Businesses can undoubtedly derive a lot of benefits from cloud computing. Cloud computing has a lot of advantages but it has some drawbacks also.

Listed below are the benefits and drawbacks so you can know how to optimize cloud computing for your business.

Benefits Of Cloud Computing

Cost Saving

The best benefit derived from cloud computing is the reduction in the cost of IT. No matter how big or small your business is, the primary aim of every business is to make profit at minimal cost.

Using cloud computing can help you reduce a substantial amount of capital since you do not need a physical server to store your data and files.

Cloud computing immensely reduces the high cost of hardware.

There is also no need for operational costs for administration, power and air-conditioning due to the lack of in-house infrastructure.

Cloud computing is not only affordable by large companies as is largely believed; it is extremely affordable for small businesses also.

Easy To Manage

Cloud computing simplifies and enhances IT management. It administers resources at a central point, it has a vendor managed infrastructures and SLA backed agreements, all of which makes it easier to manage and maintain the system.

The service provider maintains all resources and thus there is no need for the upgrade and maintenance of IT infrastructure.

There is also no need to install softwares as you can access applications, softwares as well as services through a web-based user interface created by the service provider.

It Is Flexible

If your business is still growing or the demand bandwidth is not stable, adopting cloud computing is highly recommended for your business.

You can easily increase your cloud capacity by drawing on the remote service if demand increases. Likewise, it is easy to reduce the capacity when demand fluctuates.

Your business will be at an advantage because of the increased level of agility you get through cloud computing.


When you lose your laptop, you also lose all files and data on it. It is impossible to retrieve the data on the lost device.

Cloud computing provides greater security when this occurs. You can remotely access your files from any machine since your data is stored in the cloud.

You can also delete the data on the lost notebook remotely so your data is not compromised.

You Can Work From Anywhere

You can be at work from anywhere if you have a working internet connection when using cloud storage.

You are not restricted by the device you have on you since most cloud services have mobile applications.

This provides flexibility to employees so they can maintain work-life balance without affecting productivity rate.

It Is Reliable

Cloud computing has a managed service platform and this ensures more reliability and consistency compared to orthodox in-house infrastructure.

Most Cloud service providers have Service Level Agreement (SLA) which ensures all-time and 99% availability.

It has a fail-safe mechanism- you can easily transfer hosted services and applications to another available server when a server is down.

Drawbacks Of Cloud Computing

The major disadvantages of implementing Cloud Computing are listed below

Limited Control

Customers have limited control since the service providers own, monitors, manages and maintain the cloud infrastructure entirely.

Customers cannot access the backend of the cloud infrastructure; they can only manage and control the web-based applications and the data on it.

A customer cannot perform administrative functions like updating and managing the firmware and shell service access.


Cloud service providers can be overwhelmed as they have a lot of clients to take care of each day. This may result in technical outages. Your business process may sometimes be temporarily suspended due to these technical issues.

Also, note that your data on the cloud storage, applications and servers will be inaccessible if you do not have a working internet connection.


Cloud services have tight security measures and industry certifications. It is however risky to store important and sensitive data and files on external service providers

When using cloud-based computing, you have to provide access to important files to your service provider

Cloud service providers face a lot of security challenges everyday since it is a public service.

Hackers regularly try to access the files of other users who they share the same server with.

However, it is very difficult to hack into the servers of cloud- based technologies.

It is obvious that the advantages of the cloud technology outweigh its disadvantages. The management effort is reduced, cost is reduced and downtime is also reduced.

Ways of Troubleshooting Internet Connection Problems


If you have difficulties connecting your device to the internet, try implementing the following methods to fix your internet connectivity issues.

Try to Ping It

Check if you are connected to the outside world by performing a ping test. There are various methods of performing ping tests. The simplest way to do this on Windows is by using command prompt.

Open command prompt and type “ping” and then type the IP address of the website you are trying to ping. You can also type the full address of the website if you do not know the proxy address of the site.

 To ping Yahoo for example, type ping If the ping test runs successfully, the speed of the connection will be displayed to you in milliseconds.

Try to ping several other websites if the test continues to fail.

Note that not every site accepts pings.

If the result is not displayed, the problem may be from the modem or router, or it may come from your service provider.

Use  A Different Channel

Most network routers have 14 channels or frequencies to transmit data over the 2.4GHz band. The frequencies or channels sometimes overlap but channels 1, 6 and 11 are stable and do not overlap and are used most times.

It may be due to channel interference if you are experiencing spotty Wi-Fi connection

Change your Wi-Fi frequency by using the router-management console. Change the setting to another channel if the default setting is Auto to check if there is improvement in the connection.


Check If The Power Is On

Check the LED indicator on your router if you cannot connect to the Internet at all.

If the LED indicator that indicates the power status is not ON, it is most probably because it is unplugged or the power is down. Remove the power cable and plug it again after five minutes.

Check if the power switch is in the ON position. If it is still not working, it may be due to bad power strip, power adapter failure or a fried router.

Check Cable Connection

Physical connections are often the cause of network problems. Inspect all ports on the router and access point to be certain the Ethernet cables are inserted correctly and tightly. Check if the LEDs shows green on both devices.

If not, ensure that both devices the Ethernet cable is connected to are powered on.

Try replacing the cables to check if the cable is damaged.

You may be using a wrong cable, check the manual of your internet router to be certain you are using the right kind of cable.

Internet/WAN ports for example sometimes need crossover cables.

Ensure your Firmware Is Up-To-Date

Firmware is software that allows the router to access network and protocols and it is installed by the manufacturers on a memory chip.

Due to the problems faced by users, most manufacturers provide firmware updates on their website which can be downloaded easily. It solves issues related to performance and available new features.

Check the management console of your router and follow the steps to be sure the firmware you are installing is correct.

You should download the firmware upgrade from the vendor’s website only. Third-party websites are not secure.

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